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Trinity Lutheran Congregation runs a daycare serving the needs of the community. Through this agency the school hopes to grow.

Questions concerning daycare can be answered at (920) 853-7142.

The daycare door will be locked at all times for safety reason. All parents & visitors should use the intercom located to the right of the door and a staff member will buzz them in.

A great place for a child to grow, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

Our Philosophy

Trinity Lutheran Daycare provides safe, healthy, nurturing Christian environment for all children to explore and learn about the world around them.  We encourage children to learn through play, with a balance of both teacher directed and child-initiated activities.  Art projects, bible stories, stories, songs, group time, outside time, gym time, and pretend play are just some of the exciting opportunities you child will have available to them throughout the day.

Days are filled with bible stories, outside play, art time, group time, and holiday activities.

Daycare Wishlist

  • Sandbox toys (shovels, pails, etc.)
  • Outdoor Storage Container to hold sandbox toys
  • Sprinkler for children ages 2-12 for Water Fun Daycare Days
  • Outdoor Swings (Infant and Children)
  • Pack N Play sheets (new or used)
  • Groceries (veggies, fruits, noodles, rice, cereals, crackers, juice, milk, etc)
  • Money for art supplies and other curriculum